do you remember our "karaoke addiction" phase of life?
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do you remember our "karaoke addiction" phase of life?

ok, so, yeah, maybe it's my whole life... but for a time, it feels like we did karaoke at least once a week... either in a private room, sometimes just 2 or 3 of us... or bar room karaoke with 'karaoke killed the cat' or the best was LIVE piano karaoke down the street from our apartment at the manhattan inn. our friend nicole knew the piano player and the room they had it in was awesome. it was an 'in-the-round' lounge. there was a piano in the middle of the room and all the booths and tables were around and up a step or two. the best time we had was when nicole and i sang 'leather and lace' and i realized i didn't have a clue how the verses went... so i just made up sounds to go with the lyrics... luckily i don't think anyone knew the song much better than i did so probably no one even noticed... now it feels like that song comes on the radio or shuffle at least once a day. i've made note of the melody and am ready for another go at it...

do you remember the ALL WHITNEY karaoke room EXTRAVAGANZA after she tragically passed? there were 3 of us and i was the only one really singing (come on, it's whitney... hard to fake...) and robert suggested we add a non-whitney tune to the list but i insisted that we could only sing whitney -- today was just for her. so we sang til we had nothing... nothing... NOTHING!!!

other classics include Birthday Karaoke Party where we rented a big room and my PARENTS showed up, as did dozens of other friends which ran the bill into the thousands... it was so worth it to see them, see andrew and jennie belt out 'run to the hills' and to sing 'jackson' with jerry.

karaoke was such a big part of life, i started designing an app where you could karaoke 30 seconds of a song to send as a video greeting. i called it 'singstagram'. spotify had sponsored a hack-a-thon for all types of tech folks to get together and build music apps. i found one friendly developer to help me. we didn't get far but we did get to present it with all the other app presentations and it was well received. now there are sooo many apps you can do this with and this just stayed the seedling of an idea that just never grew.

ideas are like that. i have sooooo many ideas but very few of those turn into something. like trees in the forest. each drops thousands of seeds in hopes that even one will take root. if it has the right combination of location and resources, it will flourish. but most will perish without ever taking that next step - eaten by an aminal, blown away by wind or whatever. so when an idea like that one goes by the wayside, i don't fret it. another one's on the way.

it's the ideas that COME BACK to you over and over again that are the ones worth investing time in. like these letters to you, talula.