do you miss me?
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do you miss me?

it's been six months and i can't say i miss you because i don't feel like i ever got to know you. i have so many questions... so many "coincidences" to explore with you. i'll write to you knowing you will never answer. you're in "the bank" and we might meet again one day, but hopefully not, as that would mean big trouble for me.

but maybe you'll be able to help someone else. or maybe you've absorbed everything i've ever forgotten (which is a LOT) and all my memories are hiding inside you. perhaps you'd like to give them all back or perhaps you're just keeping them safe in the bank.

it's funny to me that we've been friends for decades but i didn't even know you were there. and then as soon as i learn about you, we have to part. you've known me and i wonder what you thought of me all this time... would my 14 year old self be proud of me now? would my 89 year old self be proud of me? will i be proud of myself in this moment?

well, goodnight. sleep well with the other tumors, talula.